Triple Shot Coffee was created by our founder James Withrow. He has a passion for coffee and wants to share his knowledge with the world. This website exists as a resource for coffee lovers everywhere. You will be able to find practical tips, and guides to help you brew the best coffee. We also review the latest coffee-related products so you can find the right gear for your needs. Our mission is to help people appreciate this delicious drink and understand its complex history. Thanks for joining us on our journey!

Our Team

James Withrow
Founder, Editor

James Withrow

James is a coffee lover from the great state of Washington DC. He’s been drinking and obsessing over coffee since college and still hasn’t quite nailed it down to being a “coffee pro”. However, his love for the fresh cup of joe makes up for this. In his spare time, James likes to explore new cafes in the city and chat with baristas about their latest blends and brewing techniques. His love for coffee makes him start this blog to share his knowledge.


Amanda Klein

Amanda has been a Barista for a few years and her favorite brewing method is the French press. She loves experimenting with different coffee recipes, and she’s passionate about food, traveling, and writing. Amanda is currently the main author for our website, where she writes about everything from buying guides to brewing tips. When she’s not working or writing, Amanda enjoys exploring new cities and trying out new restaurants.